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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Long Weekend

When you need a bit of time off so that you can work on some projects, the only thing better than a three day weekend is a four day weekend. Easter is one of those.

Over the four days I have managed to get in a solid 14 hours work on the bike. I continued on with the cleaning of the motor (inside the sump and the outside of the motor)and getting the sump back together, and all that I am waiting on is delivery of my gaskets and seals so that I can install the side mount oil filter, new clutch pushrod seal (notorious for leaking, and the motor was covered in oil in that location before I degreased it) and then refill with oil.

I also used some scotch-bright and nylon abrasive pads on the motor with a little autosol to start cleaning up the fins on the motor. All of the places that I can reach with the pads are now clean and shiny. There are a few places that I cannot reach properly with the drill mounted pads so I am still considering borrowing/hiring an air compressor to blast with bi-carb soda, but at the moment the engine is clean enough that it will pass any inspections and checks for rego when the time comes. I think that I will hold off on too much more cleaning of the motor until I pull it out of the frame a little later on.

The other week I caught up with my best mate Nathan and borrowed his tripod so that I could film and capture some better images of the build progress on the bike, plus I will be able to fully capture the first kick of the bike in a few weeks. I have been filming most of the work I have done from when I rebuilt the carbs through to the work done on the weekend. I am working on a few clips at the moment, but they will be a little while off.

Below are some pics of the engine before and after the cleaning with the abrasive pads.

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