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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cleaning the brakes

The other weekend I started on cleaning up the brakes, as they had been disconnected a while and looked like they needed a good clean.

It turns out that I was right, as they where seized solid. It took a can of brake clean per caliper, a c clamp, a piece of timber and my air compressor to get the pistons free and out of the caliper housing.

I started by getting the calipers off the bike and giving them a good clean around the piston. With one caliper I was able to bottom it out and then slowly work it out with the compressed air, the other caliper took several hits of 110PSI of air with lots of brake cleaner to even move the smallest amount.

With lots of air and then pushing the piston back into the caliper I was able to eventually get the piston free.

The pistons have some pitting on them, and I am going to get someone elses opinion on them before installing the rebuild kits and reassembling as I am not sure if they should be used again or not.

A few pics of the calipers:

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