Follow me on my project as I purchase a Yamaha XS650, get it running and registered and then chop it into what hopefully is a sweet scoot that I can get out on and tear up the roads.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A few parts I have collected

I thought that I would post up a few parts that I have collected ready for this project so far.

First up are the Risers that I got at the Toowoomba Swap Meet. I am very happy with these. A little bit of metal polish and a soft cloth and they will clean up very nicely.

Secondly is the Solo Seat Pan that I purchased of Dan at Slice N Dice. I went and picked this up off him yesterday and had a chat about bikes and my project.

Finally is the Yamaha Banshee Rotor that arrived today. This is the first part of my Permanent Magnet Alternator. I won't be using the stator that is bundled with this as I have the correct Honda VFR500 stator coming along with a generic Reg/Rec which makes up the system that will allow me to go batteryless.

I also managed to get the stuck jet out today, so they are all soaking and getting a good clean so I can see if they will be ok or if they need to be replaced.

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