Follow me on my project as I purchase a Yamaha XS650, get it running and registered and then chop it into what hopefully is a sweet scoot that I can get out on and tear up the roads.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project funds

One of my goals with this project besides making a cool as hell scoot is to try and do it on a reasonable budget. I sold the CBR for $2300 a couple of weeks back now, and I purchased the XS650 for $1500 with all the parts plus a few spares.

I am hoping that I can get the bike cleaned up, running, registered and then hardtailed for a total of $5000 which will mean that it is only a maximum of $2700 out of my own pocket, which I have already actually saved.

So I am going to be keeping a running total for costs to my project. So far I have sold the CBR, purchased the XS650, set of dogbone style risers, a manual, tool chest, rotor from a Yamaha Banshee, Magneto Adaptor plate.

Although I am still ahead +275 dollars, I am currently bidding on a Stator from a Honda VF500 which once purchased gives me all of the parts for my magneto system, which will allow me to run battery-less (although I will run a battery for rego and roadworthy) which is the aim along with going kickstart only.

I will then still need to purchase an Electric ignition pack ($200US to get the ignition, another coil, the mechanical advance parts, spark leads and caps) plus new oil filters, a couple of gaskets for the motor plus parts to overhaul the carbs along with anything else that needs replacing.

I am putting the large outlay down now and over the next coming weeks for the magneto system and the electric ignition, as I would much rather get the bike running with all of the most reliable parts I can get rather than stuff around the notoriously weak/flaky charging system and relying on the current Ignition system.

I will be able to sell the current ignition system (pending that it still works now) and possibly even the charging system to re-coup some costs towards the project.

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