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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend work

When I got the bike home the other day I looked at the garage and worked out how I was going to try and get the bike in, let alone work on it. So on Saturday I decided it was time to clean up the garage, cut down on the amount of junk that was hanging around and make some room to work on the bike.

So after a few hours of cleaning things up, tossing things out of the garage I had started to make some progress, but I was having issues on where to place all of my tools, as they had been spread out between my bedroom and the garage and where sitting wherever I could fit them, which would not suit trying to work on and rebuild a bike to a running condition.

So I headed off to man heaven - Bunnings and I purchased a tool chest and box combo. I am happy with the purchase. It is just the right size for all of the tools I have now with room for more to come, so I shouldn't need to upgrade too soon, and if I do need to, I can purchase additional boxes that stack on like the top toolbox with anywhere from 3-9 more draws.

So I got it home placed all the tools into that, and continued on cleaning.
By the end of the day I have managed to have the garage cleaner than it has been since before we moved in!

With the weight bench where it is now, I can still move the bike over enought that I can get to both sides of the motor to do any work. If I need more room I just push the bench and weights up the back of the garage and I can lay on the floor and do what I need.

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