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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Starting to tear down the carbs

This morning I started to tear down the carbs. It isn't an overly complicated process to tear them down and clean them but it is one that you want to be careful of so that you don't have to replace any more parts than needed.

The outside of the carbs is still filthy - I am told by the guy that I bought it off that he spent several hours cleaning the outside of the carbs just to get them looking this good!

So far the gaskets are still pretty good, and the diaphragm from the first carb is in good condition with no holes or tears that I can see so far.

I still have a way to go tearing these down and then I need to actually clean them, but I think I should be able to get the bike running pretty well with these stock carbs after a clean up.

I also purchased some degreaser and silicon lube this morning ready to start degreasing the engine which I want to try and start on this weekend. Hopefully these four cans plus the other degreaser that I have should be enough. These and and a good old scrubbing should get some of the grease and grime off the motor.

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